Fisher-Price Babycentre Digital Campaign

Thinking big What was the brief?

Fisher-Price, a client of some 20+ years approached us to work with them to promote their product line to mums. BabyCentre was recommended as the partner of choice as they are the first touch point for expectant and young mums. BabyCentre has all the baby information a young mum could want, and because of this they have one of the largest mum readerships on the internet.

Acting bold What did we do?

It was BabyCentre’s knowledge bank that gave us the idea to showcase each of Fisher-Price’s product benefits to mums. We used the most popular search criteria to help solve the problem that each mum faced i.e. if mum searches for ‘How do I keep my child entertained when I eat’, she will find relevant information and research served up by BabyCentre but also a key Fisher-Price product that helps solve the problem. We were careful to only position product ads where we could demonstrate an overall benefit to mum.

We also used an ‘always on’ approach to ensure that we were there for each new mum when she needed help.

Driving impact What were the results?

With 62 bespoke animations created and over 70 unique callouts, the banners exceeded Baby Centre's CTR benchmark by 400%.

The results showed we had over 21,000 click throughs against an estimate of 2,818, our mobile banners performed at 2.01% against a site average of 0.15% and with our EDM campaign we delivered a 26% open rate.

We managed to reach 100% of our targets with 2.2 million impressions still to go.


  • Top 10 international B2B marcomms agencies 2018
  • Drum Cream 17
  • Silver Winner
  • Certificate winner
  • AMCP
  • Marcom Awards
  • Marcom Gold award
  • MEA
  • Recommended
  • Top 100 consultancy report
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