Matthew Clark

Thinking big What was the brief?

Matthew Clark, the UK’s leading drinks wholesaler, approached us to help develop a new brand identity and strategy that would ‘provide clarity for customers, partners and employees’ alike.

We were asked to reposition the business and create a new brand identity in line with the existing strategy and vision. The identity would need to meet the ambition of the leadership team, stand up against key competition and help position Matthew Clark’s place as ‘market leader’.

Acting bold What did we do?

Working closely with the client, we developed a new positioning and accompanying visual brand that reflected Matthew Clark’s focus and determination to put its customer, consumer, supplier and partner stakeholders right at its core.

The new brand promise “The Experience Matters”, was created to set and raise the bar of expectation in terms of the service Matthew Clark pledged to deliver. Visually, we aimed to bring a sense of humanity to the identity and its brand communications, making them warmer, more people-focused and illustrative of the category’s vibrancy and fun.

We designed the identity to reflect the sense of personal commitment and integrity that we recognised the business delivers to its customers, suppliers and partners. It provides a subtle link to the heritage of the business and its founder, the first ‘Matthew Clark’, who set out as an importer to London some 200 years ago.

Driving impact What were the results?

Quickly after the launch of the new identity, positioning and business strategy, Matthew Clark grew from number two to the number one drinks wholesaler in the UK. In 2015, three years after the relaunch, Matthew Clark was sold to Conviviality plc for £200m, a 380% increase and significant premium to the book value of £52m.







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