WinGD: Brand evolution

Thinking big What was the brief?

WinGD is a leading developer of low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping. Formed as a new company in January 2015, they had a basic brand identity logo, font, colour palette and ‘Crystal’ graphic identifier.

Since 2015, their world has changed. The maritime industry continues to ride a wave of new technology advances, and operators are moving away from Heavy Fuel Oils towards LNG as focus intensifies on operational sustainability.

Unsurprisingly WinGD has grown and developed significantly too. So in 2017 they approached us to evolve their brand into one that better reflects the business’ operations and aspirations.

Acting bold What did we do?

We created a new messaging structure led by the brand promise ‘Simply a better different’ which enabled WinGD clarity of offer and industry differentiation. This referenced their focus on engine design for more efficient shipping, and their passion for reducing complexity and being smarter in understanding customer needs. As a challenger brand, WinGD offer the best view and a smarter perspective on marine propulsion. A set of value propositions allowed them to more effectively answer their customers challenges.

At the heart of the new identity is the WinGD ‘Power Revolution’ graphic. It creates a unique and dynamic visual language to support their forward-thinking approach and the strength of full-circle partnerships. Derived from the engines dynamic energy and rotational movement, it is used to frame content and give focus to communications.

With customers from all over the world, speaking a myriad of languages, a simplified logo design enhanced impact and readability at all sizes. The addition of a contemporary font continued this clarity.

A unique range of colours that referenced the marine environment and the world of engineering excellence in a contrasting yet harmonious palette, allowed a cleaner look and feel.

On completion of a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, we began evolving key communications, with an exciting new website launching in May 2018.

Driving impact What were the results?

Oakwood has expertly guided us through a challenging time for our brand. We were in an identity crisis - partially rooted in a +120 year history while dealing with a new name & identity that was merely a couple years old. We knew we were different from our competition but we didn't know how to prove it.

The team at Oakwood took on our challenge and dove deep into finding a solution. With careful thought and reflection behind every step they presented us with a fresh yet strong look and feel. We now have a brand image we can be proud of. One that represents all that we do in elegance and clarity. We now truly stand apart from our competition; simply a better different.

For us this is just the beginning of the journey with Oakwood. We know that their vision and plan for our brand evolution can go far deeper than just sophisticated marketing materials. We are excited to see what they can do at the very heart of our organisation, building on the integrity and passion we have at our core. We are in excellent hands and we couldn't be more pleased.

Anna Garcia
Manager Marketing & Communications, Sales and Marketing














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